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Welcome to Manor Senior High School! Main Office Number: 512-278-4665
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The only way for our team to continually improve is for you to make the commitment to better yourself! My philosophy and purpose as a coach is simple. I am here because I love the sport and because I want to help kids reach their maximum potential.

I expect you to strive for your best at every moment. In track meets, there are three ways for you to be successful:

1) Win your event.

2) Set a personal record (PR).

3) Beat your personal record.

Success will depend on YOU! Hard work in practice, goal setting, and faith (in your coaches, your teammates, and yourself) will be the foundations of our success as a team.



1.     Mon-Thu 4:30p-6:30p. 

2.     Practice time changes, cancellations, or if a Friday practice is needed, the Head Coach will inform you in ample time.


1.     meet in the mat room daily for instructions

2.     no jewelry at practice or track meets

3.     no electronics at practice

4.     wear only MHS practice clothing or uniforms

5.     if necessary, see a trainer before/after practice


1.     Qualify for the State meet

2.     Win events at the State meet