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Life Anew Restorative Justice Overview » Life Anew Restorative Justice Overview

Life Anew Restorative Justice Overview

The goal of Life Anew Restorative Justice is to prevent students from entering the juvenile justice system—also known as the "school to prison pipeline"—by taking holistic approach to restore a child by partnering with parents, students, schools, communities and service providers. Through the restorative process students and adults learn how to establish healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, make meaningful agreements, take responsibility, solve conflict, and hold themselves and others accountable. Following these steps will allow students to focus on academics, community building and future opportunities. When exclusionary practices, like in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions and expulsions are used, it leads the student to wonder the streets and in many cases leads to jail time or criminal records. Our goal is to build healthy relationships between students and teachers in which an atmosphere is created where the teacher can teach and the student/peers can learn. 

Restorative Practices is a lifestyle!  Restorative Practices helps us to build healthy relationships by identifying core values and establishing consensus around how we relate to one another in a safe space. In addition Restorative Practices can provide a process for healing when harm has occurred, provide structures to eliminate exclusionary discipline practices and a method for social and emotional development. The restorative process involves every person in our schools, communities and families. When we live restoratively we begin to listen empathetically while intuitively finding ways to repair harm when harm is caused. The circle process is one of the primary ways that we create a safe space to listen to one another and problem solve with the individuals of family, friends, schools, community and more.

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